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Osaka Overview

Welcome to Osaka, Location
Welcome to Osaka
Area, Population, and Climate
Area, Population, and Climate
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Welcome to Osaka
Osaka is the largest city in Western Japan. Although Osaka is Japan's second smallest prefecture in area, it has the third largest population in Japan and boasts of having the second largest economy after Tokyo. A large number of global corporations such as Panasonic, Sharp, Daikin and Nissei are based in Osaka. Osaka also has many universities, technical schools and other educational institutions, and hosts over 10,000 international students.

Osaka has evolved independently and has long been an important political and economic center. The Kita (north) district of Osaka, with Osaka station at its center, is home to many retail businesses, hotels, office buildings and an enormous underground shopping complex. The Minami (south) district offers one of the most popular shopping districts in western Japan, and also has an entertainment district with a history longer than that of Hollywood and Broadway. This area has many theaters where traditional arts such as Kabuki, Bunraku and Rakugo are performed.

There are countless places to visit: the Tennoji/Abeno area with its large shopping malls, Tsutenkaku area for a taste of the old downtown, and the Bay Area for the world's largest aquarium and Universal Studios. Don’t miss the chance to try the local cuisine, such as takoyaki, okonomiyaki, and tecchiri.

The most important feature of Osaka is its people, who are kind and warm-hearted. You should definitely take the opportunity to interact with the locals, and experience what is best about Osaka.
Welcome to Osaka・Location Welcome to Osaka・Location Welcome to Osaka・Location Welcome to Osaka・Location

Osaka prefecture is located in the midwest region of the Japanese archipelago, adjacent to Kyoto, and Nara, Hyogo, and Wakayama prefectures. It is surrounded by the Hokusetsu mountains to the north, the Kongo-Ikoma mountains to the east, the Izumi-Katsuragi mountains to the south, and faces Osaka Bay to the west.

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