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Osaka Overview

Welcome to Osaka, Location
Welcome to Osaka
Area, Population, and Climate
Area, Population, and Climate
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Area, Population, and Climate
Although it is the second smallest in Japan area wise, ranked at 46 out of 47 prefectures, Osaka prefecture has a population of approximately 8,860,000, making it the third largest, and is the second largest in population density behind Tokyo. Osaka prefecture’s GDP is 36.6000 trillion yen. The population and GDP are roughly equivalent to that of Austria. The Seto Inland Sea region, which includes Osaka, is known for its moderate climate. The region sees more rain from the start of rainy season in June to the peak of typhoon season in September, but overall the average amount of rainfall is quite low.

Population 8,857,691
Number of households 3,913,798
Land area approximately 1901 km2
GDP 36.6000 trillion yen
Highest recorded temperature 39.1℃ (August 8, 1994)
Lowest recorded temperature -7.5℃ (January 28, 1945)
Highest one-day rainfall 250.7mm (June 26, 1957)
Highest one-day snowfall 18cm (February 11, 1907)
Average temperature 17.1℃ (2013)
Annual rainfall 1165mm (2013)

■ Population, Number of households
"Change in population and number of households (As of January 1, 2014)" (from the Osaka Prefecture General Affairs Department, Population and Labor Group)
■ Land Area
"Land area of prefectures, cities, and municipalities (As of October 1, 2013)"(from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Geospatial Information Authority of Japan)
■ GDP of Osaka Prefecture
"2010 fiscal year economic data of Osaka Prefecture residents (from the Osaka Prefectural Cabinet) "
■ Temperature, Rainfall and Snowfall
Osaka District Meteorological Observatory

    Municipalities of Osaka prefecture

Access/Transportation system
Complete with airplanes, “shinkansen” or bullet trains, highways and ferries, Osaka has a high quality transportation network. Two airports, Kansai International Airport and Osaka International Airport, allow for easy access from domestic and overseas locations. For example, flights from Kansai International Airport to Seoul take only 2 hours. Also, using a direct flight to Taiwan and Guam, takes only 4 hours. Of course, domestic travel is also convenient.

Osaka to Tokyo 2.5 hours by bullet train (Shin-Osaka to Tokyo)
1 hour 10mins by airplane (Itami airport to Haneda airport)
Osaka to Nagoya 50 mins by bullet train (Shin-Osaka to Nagoya)
Osaka to Fukuoka 2.5 hours by bullet train (Shin-Osaka to Hakata)
1 hour 15mins by airplane (Itami airport to Fukuoka airport)
Surutto KANSAI

Airports / Airlines
Osaka International Airport Kansai International airport Japan Airlines (JAL) All Nippon Airways (ANA)
JR West Japan JR Tokai Osaka Municipal Transportation Bureau Nankai Electric Railway
Kinki Nippon Railway Keihan Electric Railway Hankyu Railway Hankai Electric Railway
Hanshin Electric Railway Kita Osaka Kyuko Railway Semboku Rapid Railway Osaka Monorail
Osaka Nanko Car Ferry

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