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newsletter from Osaka Vol.93

Hello GEO readers! We are sending you 5 pieces of information this time.


Table of Contents

*Festival of the lights in OSAKA 2017 now underway!

* “Oku-Kawachi Illuminage*” at the Osaka Garden of Floral Culture

*(Reminder)The Start of Crowd Funding for Cycle Aid Project

*Seeking Supporting Members of 2025 Japan World Expo Committee!

*Exchange meeting with Pakistani business owners on Thursday December 14


*Festival of the lights in OSAKA 2017 now underway!


In its fifth year, the “Festival of the lights in OSAKA” now provides illumination programs around the prefecture to give some color to winter in Osaka. The core programs are the “Mido-suji Illumination” and “OSAKA Hikari-Renaissance”

For the “Mido-suji Illumination”, the entirety of the four kilometer-long Midosuji Avenue is decorated with fascinating illuminations. In fiscal year 2014, it was recognized as holding the world record for the most illuminated trees on a single street.

This year, you can enjoy new light performances such as daily “still image projection mapping” on the walls of skyscrapers between Yodoyabashi and Shinbashi. There also will be a “unique, overwhelming space of light”, designed by world-renowned artists. Please come and experience Midosuji shining more gorgeously than ever.

☆”Festival of the lights in OSAKA 2017”

■Date and time: Sunday November 12 to Sunday December 31, 2107

*Period differs depending on the program.

■Venue: Areas within Osaka Prefecture

☆Mido-suji Illumination 2017

■Date and Time: Sunday November 12 to Sunday December 31, 2017

Around 5:00pm to 11:00pm

■Venue: Midosuji Avenue (From the intersection in front of Hanshin Department Store Building to Namba Station Nishiguchi intersection)

☆ OSAKA Hikari-Renaissance 2017

■Date and Time: Thursday December 14 to Monday December 25, 2017

5:00pm to 10:00 pm *Some items from 4:00pm to 10:00pm

■Venue: Around Osaka City Hall to Nakanoshima Park


* “Oku-Kawachi Illuminage*” at the Osaka Garden of Floral Culture


The biggest illumination event in Minami-Kawachi, “Oku-Kawachi *Illuminage*” will be held from Friday December 15, 2017 to Sunday March 4, 2018! This year’s theme is “Illumination Zoo”. In addition, a 15 meter-high fruit carnival tree will appear in the event area!

In the large greenhouse, a “Christmas Exhibition” will be held from Tuesday November 28 to Sunday December 24. In this space adorned with Christmas ornaments, you will be introduced to different Christmas cultures from around the world.

Please visit the website below for further details.

(Japanese only)

*Illuminage: Coined word combining the English term “illumination” and French term “nager”, which means “swim”.


(Reminder)The Start of Crowd Funding for Cycle Aid Project


“Cycle Aid” is a project to repair and reproduce abandoned or illegally left bikes in cooperation with municipalities in Osaka Prefecture, and to offer them to children in Asia.

This project is mainly conducted by the Japan Asian Association & Asian Friendship Society (JAFS). Osaka Prefecture is also supporting the smooth operation of the project as one of the participating members.

There are eight donation types. Depending on your donation amount, small gifts will be provided to you in return. (Donation amount: eight types ranging from 1,000 JPY to 100,000 JPY). Please refer to the website below for more details about the project or donation types.

(Japanese only)

Donations will be used to cover the cost of marine transportation to deliver bikes to those who need them.

(*) What is “crowdfunding”?

It’s a coined word made of “crowd” and “fund”. It means that an unspecified large number of people (i.e. “crowd”) provide financial aid or other contributions (i.e. “fund”) to individuals or organizations usually through the Internet.


Seeking Supporting Members of 2025 Japan World Expo Committee!


Osaka Prefectural Government is currently making efforts to have Osaka-Kansai be selected as the host of the 2025 World Expo (commonly called the 2025 Japan Expo) together with the national government and Japan’s financial world. We hope to make this Expo an exciting event open for everyone to join.

The 2025 Japan World Expo Committee, in charge of the World Expo bid, is involved in promotional activities such as attracting attention from overseas and raising awareness within Japan through the joint efforts of the public and private sectors.

In November, together with the National Government, Osaka Prefecture presented to the BIE General Assembly about the kind of World Expo we hope to host, including the appeal and potential of Osaka-Kansai. In addition, we spoke about how hosting the World Expo would help contribute to achieving SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), and also how the proposed Expo venue outlined in the Bid Dossier would be realized.

The 2025 Japan World Expo Committee is currently seeking official supporters to become “members” of the Committee. Please visit the website below for further information!

Everyone, let’s make the Osaka Expo happen!

The 2025 Japan World Expo Committee

(Japanese/English/French (Partly))

<Outline of the 2025 World Expo>

■Period: May 3 to November 3, 2025

■Venue: Yumeshima, Osaka

■Theme: Designing Future Society for Our Lives

■Subtopic: How to Lead a Healthy Life in a Diverse Manner, Sustainable Socioeconomic Systems

To become a member:


Exchange meeting with Pakistani business owners on Thursday December 14


The Association for Overseas Technical Cooperation and Sustainable Partnerships

(AOTS) will conduct a Pakistan business management training course as a subsidized program by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI).

For this course, Pakistani manufacturing business owners and managers will visit Japan to learn Japanese business examples and managing methods. Using this opportunity, an exchange meeting with Japanese companies will also be held to deepen their understanding of actual business management and the ways of thinking of Japanese business people. It will also be an invaluable opportunity for Japanese business people to receive firsthand information from Pakistani business managers about companies and the current business climate in the country. For any companies or organizations interested in Pakistani businesses, please do not miss this opportunity.

■Date and Time: Thursday December 14, 1:30pm to 4:30pm

■Venue: Kansai Kenshu Center-KKC, The Association for Overseas Technical Cooperation and Sustainable Partnerships [AOTS]

(Address) 1-7-5 Asaka, Sumiyoshi-ku, Osaka

■Access: 10 minute walk from both Exit 4 of Abiko Station (Midosuji Subway Line), and East Exit of Sugimotocho Station (JR Hanwa Line)

■Hosted by: Kansai Kenshu Center-KKC, The Association for Overseas Technical Cooperation and Sustainable Partnerships (AOTS)

■Co-hosted by: The Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry ( Scheduled)

■Supported by: Consulate of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan in Osaka, JICA Kansai (Scheduled)

■Participation fee: Free

■Seat capacity: 20 (First-come, first-served basis )

■Language: Japanese and English with interpretation

■Application deadline: Thursday November 30, 2017

■Expected participants from Pakistan

26 business owners and managers from automobile parts manufacturers, motorcycle parts manufacturers, plastic raw materials manufacturers, textile products manufacturers, etc.

■Please visit the website below to apply and for further details.

(Download the application form and send it by email after filling out the requested fields)

■Contact information

Ms. Fumino SO

Kansai Kenshu Center-KKC

The Association for Overseas Technical Cooperation and Sustainable Partnerships (AOTS)





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