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Business Matching
Business Matching This website provides an English translation of information on the products, technology, and services of Osaka based SME's looking to expand into overseas markets. You can obtain detailed information through keyword search and also look up companies by industry.
Business Matching The business matching center is managed by the International Business Operations Department of the Osaka Foundation for Trade and Industry, a public interest incorporated foundation. The center collects product information from overseas corporations and makes it available to the public, and provides free consultations on importing and doing business with overseas corporations.
Business Matching This is an international trade support website operated by the Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The website provides multilingual machine translation and allows users to search for and transmit information (business referrals and inquiries) on international trade.
Business Matching The Business Matching Database is an international business matching site operated by the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) with users from over 170 countries. The site enables users to search for and view products and services in Japanese registered by both Japanese and foreign companies at no charge, and to transmit business information overseas.

Investment Information
Business Matching O-BIC provides support to foreign companies, foreign diplomatic offices, and foreign-capitalized companies in Japan that aspire to enter the Osaka market. It offers a one-stop service for information about Osaka, real estate and information for identifying potential business partners in 4 languages (English, Chinese, Korean, Japanese).
Business Matching The IBPC Osaka Investment Promotion Center provides support to incoming foreign and domestic companies and research and development organizations as part of a broad effort to promote corporate development in Osaka city. It offers extensive support to potential incoming businesses; matchmaking with potential business partners in Osaka, information about investment incentives, temporary offices, and much more.

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