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Business Information
GDP Ranking  
Osaka Prefecture's GDP is 36.6000 trillion yen (2011). It accounts for just under 8% of the national GDP and is the second largest behind Tokyo. Osaka Prefecture is ranked 26th in GDP among major nations and is equal in scale to Austria. It is ranked higher than countries such as Argentina, Denmark, and Finland.

*These are estimated figures.  Values may change due to exchange rate fluctuation.
(Ref. "Osaka Prefectural Accounts Statistics" Osaka Prefectural Government, "National Accounts Statistics" Cabinet Office)
*Rate used by Osaka at this time was 79.05 yen to the U.S. dollar
Osaka Prefectural Accounts Statistics
Annual Product Sales  
Osaka Prefecture had a total of 61.6602 trillion yen in annual sales, 107,650 offices, and 964,489 employed workers. In each category, Osaka is ranked number 2 nationally behind Tokyo.
(Ref. 2008 Statistical Survey of Commerce)

Business Information
Number of Patents  
Osaka accounts for 14.8% of all domestic patent applications, and 12.1% of international patent applications in Japan.
(Ref. 2013, "Patent Administration Annual Report" Japan Patent Office)

Research Institutes  
Osaka prefecture hosts a large number of world class biotechnology research facilities. The Kansai region overtook the Chubu region in 2005 to have the most facilities next to Kanto. In 2009 the number of facilities grew to 120.
("The Survey of Factory Location Trends" Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry)
Business Costs  
If Tokyo is given a value of 100, Osaka's commercial district would have a value of 30.8, its residential district 48.5, and its industrial district 39.7. Office rent is roughly 35% cheaper than in Tokyo, which is advantageous from a business cost perspective.
("Osaka Investment Guide" Osaka Prefectural Government Investment Promotion Division)
Number of Universities and Research Institutions  
In Osaka Prefecture there are 2 national, 4 public, and 50 private universities. In addition, there are many biotechnology and medical research institutions developing cutting-edge technology.
(Ref. "Statistical Report of Schools in Osaka" Osaka Prefectural Government")

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